My Website

My site was much simpler to do than I first thought. Doing a single page I thought it would take forever but it didn’t. I really feel that I stayed true to my wireframe. The only think that changed was the way I’m going to show my works in my portfolio but thats still a work in progress. Everything looks visually the same on my page except I changed my social media icons to circle. The only things I have left to do are my contact section and link my resume when its finished.



I feel like if I spent more time doing coding but its definatly not for me, I could see myself designing the websites in photoshop but I don’t see a future for myself in HTML. I did enjoy class when I knew what I was doing and had help so it wasn’t all bad. However I probably wouldn’t take web 2 if it wasn’t required 🙂 

My Portfolio

After looking at examples on line I’ve decided to keep mine simple and clean, for now my target audience is my peers and mentors and if I want to go back and edit it I probably will. In my opinion less is more so I’m probably not going to make it to crazy. Also i still working on my coding ability so I don’t want to make it more difficult for myself.

My Experience

I can say that web designing is not for me, however I do enjoy designing the actual site on photoshop. I do understand the actual coding I just get confused sometimes on what means what and what should go where. For me its the little mistakes that make me mad and I just stop working on it because I think its some big problem when really its not. My first project went okay, I only had two main problems that were nothing too major and little coding problems that I forgot about. Overall I enjoy the class and sometimes it can be stressful but I don’t see myself having a “coding” job. 



I know Facebook is dated but i still use it to connect with mostly family anymore. However recently we’ve all been sharing certain articles and websites we find interesting. That is probably the only site i do things like that on. I don’t use Facebook for games or creeping like most people I use it to spread articles that I sometimes find interesting. Most of the time its usually political things that start up arguments but hey at least I’m not discussing Justin Bieber. 

Week 2 Post

Its always very interesting to me how the internet started from something so simple into something so huge. I can still remember going to my dads work as a child in the 90s and go into the huge and freezing computer room (he was a computer programmer for our city) the last time I was there the room was closed up which just goes to show how things changed. This biggest thing I learned from this video was how many parts came together over the years to bring the internet together. One thing that didn’t surprise me was how the growth had to do with fighting nations and someone always trying to top someone else, although I didn’t know how many nations it really took to create the internet which I thought was cool. The graphics and visuals really helped explain thing well also, showing the intertwining of other elements really helped explain it all rather than just bombarding you with facts.